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What does "a loincloth" mean in terms of a woven loincloth?

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The Faso Dan Fani woven loincloth is sold in the form of strips of dimensions varying between 180 cm x 30 cm and 180 cm x 40 cm, the loom and the manual nature of the weaving of the loincloth making larger widths difficult to make. To have the equivalent of a loincloth, you need 3 strips for widths of 40 cm or 4 strips for widths of 30 cm.

To wear the loincloth as it is, you have to arrange the 4 strips and make a hem or fringes according to personal preference. An assembled loincloth measures approximately 120 cm x 180 cm.

When you plan to have an outfit sewn for you, your seamstress will be able to work directly with the strips and arrange the cut-out patterns as needed.

Bogolan loincloths are sold assembled by individual loincloth.

A bogolan loincloth measures approximately 1.20 mx 1.70 m.

Sénoufos loincloths are sold assembled by individual loincloth.

A loincloth is made up of 8 individually woven strips, each measuring approximately 14 cm x 180 cm.

A Senoufo loincloth measures approximately 1.10m x 1.80m.

Can a loincloth and a half sew a set?

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Yes, generally a loincloth and a half is enough to sew a lady's outfit (short-sleeved top and long straight skirt) for a person of average build.
However, for a very corpulent person, we rather recommend two loincloths for the making of a lady set in Faso Dan Fani loincloth.

For men's tunics with pants, you usually need two loincloths.

It is also possible to mix your Faso Dan Fani loincloth with other types of fabrics to make an outfit or an accessory. The most frequently used fabrics are satin, lace, basin, and cotton fabric.

Is it cotton?

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Yes, our Faso Dan Fani loincloths are made of 100% cotton in Burkina Faso.
Some loincloths contain metallic polyester threads to give them a shiny appearance.

Does it rub off?

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Faso Dan Fani loincloths do not bleed. Before weaving, the weavers dye the yarn, which is basically white, and stabilize the color to prevent it from bleeding.
For other types of loincloth such as bogolans, koko dunda, baoulé loincloth, senoufos loincloth, these loincloths can rub off and it is advisable to wash them separately.

How should I maintain my loincloth?

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We recommend washing the loincloths by hand in cold water with natural soap (Marseille soap). The use of detergent should be avoided in order to maintain the shine of your loincloth longer.

Dry your loincloth out of direct sunlight to preserve its colors over time.
You can also use dry cleaning for your woven loincloth outfits.

Origins of our products

Where do loincloths come from?

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The Faso Dan Fani loincloths are woven in Burkina Faso by local artisans.
We also periodically offer a selection of loincloths of variable origin from the African continent. The origin is specified in the description of each loincloth.

Where to find us

Where are you located?

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We have two Mon Faso Dan Fani stores to serve you better:


N'Goua Aka Mathias Market
(New Cocody Market)
Boulevard of France
Room 280B, First floor
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Phone: (225) 8943-4326


Rose Solar Concept building
Father Joseph Wresinski Avenue
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Phone: (226) 5385-3737

Wholesalers and resellers

I am a reseller, how can I get your loincloths?

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It is possible to obtain Mon Faso Dan Fani loincloths in bulk on order.

Please leave us a message on our contact form or contact us by phone / WhatsApp on (+226) 53 85 37 37 (or +225 89 43 43 26 if you are in Ivory Coast) for more details.

To order

I am not in Burkina, how to order?

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We deliver to you anywhere in the world!

We have a growing presence in several countries. You can contact us to know the point of sale closest to you.

We currently have two stores to better serve you.

Ivory Coast:

We have a shop in Abidjan located at the New Market of Cocody Saint Jean (N'gouan Aka Mathias); you can visit us or contact our customer service in Ivory Coast at (+225) 89 43 43 26.

Burkina Faso:

We have a shop in Ouagadougou located at Patte d'Oie, Rose Solar Concept building; you can visit us or reach our customer service in Burkina Faso at (+226) 53 85 37 37.

Rest of the world:

We ship worldwide by fast courier (DHL Express) at very competitive rates.

You can place your orders right here on our online store or by contacting our customer service at +226 53 85 37 37 by phone or WhatsApp for personalized support.

How can I place a custom order?

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If you wish to place a personalized order, please contact our customer service at +226 53 85 37 37 (or +225 89 43 43 26 if you are in Ivory Coast) for support.

Custom order prices are the same as those of the loincloths in our catalog and vary according to the complexity of the work required.

Normally, weaving a custom order can take 2-3 weeks to complete. In periods of high demand, this delay can reach 3 months.

How long does it take to weave a custom order?

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We do our best to deliver your custom orders within two weeks.

This duration may vary depending on the quantity ordered, our order book, bad weather and the complexity of the pattern requested.

We can give you more details on the current delivery time at the time of ordering.

Shipping & Delivery

How are shipments made?

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For deliveries anywhere in the world (excluding Burkina and Ivory Coast), we ship your parcels by the DHL Express parcel transport company at very competitive rates negotiated for you!

If you are in Ouagadougou or Abidjan, you can receive your parcels by an urban delivery service and pay on delivery.

If you are in Burkina Faso (excluding Ouagadougou) or Côte d'Ivoire (excluding Abidjan), your orders will be sent to you by the parcel services of one of the coach companies serving your city.

How long does it take to receive my order?

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For orders of loincloths that we have in stock (those completed directly on our online store), we prepare and ship your order within 48 working hours.

For orders shipped by DHL, the delivery time is 72 working hours maximum, regardless of the country of delivery, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The times for sending parcels by land transport companies vary according to the company, the destinations and the period of sending and can be communicated to you directly by the company.


What are the possible payment options?

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We offer several payment methods to serve you better:

If you place your order on our online store , you can make your payment using one of the following means:


2. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)

3. Mobile Money (Orange Money, Moov Money / Flooz or Mobicash): to make payment by mobile money, please follow the payment instructions that will be displayed when validating your order in order to finalize it. You will need to add the Mobile Money withdrawal fees to the total amount of your bill.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can reach our customer service on +226 53 85 37 37 or on +225 89 43 43 26 if you are in Ivory Coast) for personalized support.

If you place your order in person at one of our stores or if you opt for cash on delivery , you can make your payment using one of the following means:

1. Cash (CFA francs)

2. Mobile Money (Orange Money, Mobicash, Moov Money, Flooz)

If you prefer to use a money transfer method such as Western Union, Wari, MoneyGram or Ria, please contact our customer service.

Why is it that when I select my items in a currency, the amount at checkout is in euros?

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The payment system that we use allows us to accept only one currency among a few very limited options and we can only offer you to make your Paypal or credit card payment in one currency.

If you pay in cash, by mobile Money or by one of the money transfer methods, you can make the payment in CFA francs.

We are on the lookout to offer you an online payment experience in the currency of your choice.

In the meantime, rest assured that a fair and up-to-date rate is applied for the display of prices on our online store.


Can I return an ordered item?

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If the item you ordered does not suit you, you can return it to us for an exchange or a refund.

You have 14 days from receipt of your order to make a return.

Item must be returned in its original condition and packaging to be accepted and you will be required to present your proof of purchase.

You can view our Returns and Refunds Policy for more details.


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